Chairman’s Message


It has always been my effort to give back to society its due, especially through education, as today’s children are the ones who have the responsibility of building the nation. Realizing the needs of the time, Rajarshi Gurukul was established with a mission of providing a modern quality education that will equip students to succeed in an ever changing world. I have been a firm believer in keeping up with changing times, as will our progressive education system which will continue to be contemporary along with academics, management, curriculum, faculty, infrastructure and technology.

We aim to provide an education that will equip children to be creative thinkers and innovative learners. This will certainly help children at school as well as to achieve success in any venture they foray in the future. Rajarshi Gurukul is committed to provide a quality education of global standards and shall leave no stone unturned to achieve it.

Choosing a school for your children is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. By entrusting your children to us, you are ensuring a better future. Rajarshi Gurukul is a place where children will be fostered, guided and will be valued for their unique individual talents. At Rajarshi Gurukul, we aim to provide children with a world-class education which goes beyond the classroom and helps children realize their potential.